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Perfect Imperfections Contest

Perfect Imperfections Contest

About This Give Away:
The quality of our cloths is of the utmost importance to us and when we recently reviewed our entire stock and found tiny imperfections in 15 of our units. Issues such as bits of loose stitching, screen printing bleeding through, small marks, and sizing being too small. Anywho, we wanted to offer you the chance to win your choice of any of our imperfect units for free. You would only need to cover the cost of shipping the item to you (approx $10-$15 depending on location).

Sooo, if you would like to win a shirt, all 15...

Back In Black

After having a nice little break we have returned with wonderful news to share...


Yes B'y Shirt Is For Sale

Nothing says Newfoundland like the expression Yes B'y. Found from coast to coast and used in almost every conversation it is guaranteed to spark a proper chat with any who view it. We currently have 29 in stock across all colours, designs, cuts and sizes.

Last of a Generation

We have produced the last of our first run of shirts marked with the NLCC01. These limited edition garments will be unique for the rest of time as they...

It's a New Year!

The Newfoundland Clothing Company is wishing all of our customers, Newfoundlanders and all the rest of the fine folk out in the world a very happy new year. We are very excited for the upcoming year and are looking forward to releasing new product lines and expanding our overall Newfoundland Clothing Company experience. We understand that it is our customers that support us so in return, we need to support them! Here's to 2016!

Black Baseball Tee's Coming

The Newfoundland Clothing Company has heard your call. We understand that many of you would like to see another colour other than those offered. On our Facebook page, many asked to see black added to both gender styles and this is exactly what we are doing. We understand the colour black is easier to pair with other pieces of clothing and it gives the ladies an alternative to the colours offered. Please check back in with the near future to see the new style. This will be the last of the NLCC01 (first run) shirts so get your hands on them...

'Slue' Shirt Created For Gander Residents

'Slue' Shirt Created For Gander Residents

Hello Folks

I was born and raised in Gander and while I was exposed to a ton of Newfoundland wide sayings, Slue is one that was very much unique to Gander. I first recall hearing it from Glenn Powell who ran the Snack Shop across from the baseball fields. As Glenn would drive away on his motorbike he would let out a loud, long and very enthusiastic 'Slue!!!" and eventually I started hearing people my age using it. Fast forward many years and it is the last thing I say to my brothers when we part ways, often when the...