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After having a nice little break we have returned with wonderful news to share...


Yes B'y Shirt Is For Sale

Nothing says Newfoundland like the expression Yes B'y. Found from coast to coast and used in almost every conversation it is guaranteed to spark a proper chat with any who view it. We currently have 29 in stock across all colours, designs, cuts and sizes.

Last of a Generation

We have produced the last of our first run of shirts marked with the NLCC01. These limited edition garments will be unique for the rest of time as they hold the original vision of a better way to Rock Your Pride. Each time we make fundamental changes to the shirts we will issue a new edition number to mark the evolution of our quest to make the best Newfoundland shirt ever. We currently have 196 first edition shirts across all colours, designs, cuts and sizes. 

Black Male & Female Shirts

You spoke and we listened. Very few colours (or lack there of) are as versatile as black so we went ahead and produced a very select order of them in three of our designs. Got Er Scald, Slue & Yes B'y are all currently available in black for both male and female cuts. We currently have 34 in stock across all colours, designs, cuts and sizes.

Tips On How To Win A Free Shirt

We have a couple more gems coming up soon, consider Liking us on Facebook to be made aware of our Shirt Give Away contest. We should be launching one inside the next two weeks. You can be sure you see our posts if you visit our Facebook page, mouse over the 'Liked' button in the cover photo and click 'Posts In Newsfeed' and click 'Show First'. If you are really hard core then you can click notifications and get notice every single time we post to our Facebook page! These steps will maximize your chances of eventually getting one of our limited edition shirts absolutely free.

That's all for now. Thanks for all the support in sales and social sharing it literally allows us to build a better company with each passing day. 

All the best to you & yours
James Smeaton | Founder

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