Perfect Imperfections Contest

About This Give Away:
The quality of our cloths is of the utmost importance to us and when we recently reviewed our entire stock and found tiny imperfections in 15 of our units. Issues such as bits of loose stitching, screen printing bleeding through, small marks, and sizing being too small. Anywho, we wanted to offer you the chance to win your choice of any of our imperfect units for free. You would only need to cover the cost of shipping the item to you (approx $10-$15 depending on location).

Sooo, if you would like to win a shirt, all 15 of them will be given away in this one contest which ends March 10th at 7pm, with a first come first serve basis. So if you are one of the 15 winners you can choose from our list (see the comments for full break down) and we will give you a discount code to order that one particular shirt.

You enter by Liking our Facebook Page, Liking this post, leaving a comment (perhaps which shirt you like the most) and Sharing this post to public. Tag three friends and you will get your choice of two shirts if you win.

Just to make things even sweeter, we are now offering a discount code for 33% off any remaining stock!!! The code is: MARCHMADNESS

Thanks for all your support!

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