Rock Your Pride

The Newfoundland Clothing Company is built on a simple yet strong foundation..... to provide quality clothing and other gear that allows you to "Rock Your Pride".

The first stop on that road is to capture the essence of Newfoundland through its language. To truly allow the un-initiated observer to dive into a conversation and really gain some insight into the character of our fare homeland. Each saying, and each piece of artwork has been debated, reviewed, created and recreated to try and reach at the heart of what these expressions mean to our people and to our pride. 

As we move forward we will be focusing on selecting quality garments and products that intersect fashion and pride to offer a subtle yet stylise way to let folks know where you're from.

We can not thank you enough for your support of this fledgling company, it is an honour to serve our people, our heritage and all the folks that love Newfoundland as much as we do.

- James Smeaton, Founder (Born and raised in Gander) 

The Newfoundland Clothing Company is a fully owned subsidiary of Highland Multimedia Inc.

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