NFLD Sayings Resources

Below you will find a list of resources to learn more about Newfoundland sayings, slang, phrases and words. If you have a suggestion for this list please send it to

  • Salt Junk 
    A concise yet extensive list of NFLD sayings. This website is dedicated to Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans at home and abroad, and to other folks who simply enjoy NL cuisine and its traditions.

  • Explore Newfoundland & Labrador 
    Another comprehensive list of sayings as well as many other tourism related tidbits.

  • A CFA’S Guide to Newfoundland Slang
    If you only have 10 minutes to read up on the most popular NFLD sayings this is the resource for you. 

  • Heritage Newfoundland & Labrador: Dictionary Of Newfoundland English
    While not extremely helpful for deciphering NFLD sayings, this certainly is a good resource for individual words that may have you stumped.

  • Urban Dictionary
    This resource is not specifically catered to Newfoundland sayings it actually has quite a few in its vast database.

  • Dictionary of Newfoundland English
    "A sovereign antidote to the incursions of time and modernity against the unique inheritance of Newfoundland speech." First published in 1982 to international acclaim, the Dictionary of Newfoundland English introduced the world to an incredibly rich dialect with deep roots in Ireland and the English West Country.