Baseball T - Slue - Female Cut

Baseball T - Slue - Female Cut

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It should be stated that 'Slue' is a very local saying to Gander, Newfoundland. Its meaning can be debated due to its obscurity but we will offer what it has meant to us having grown up in Gander and using it all the time.

Slue is a term used when saying goodbye. More over it is often said without eye contact and the very last thing that a person would shout as they drive, ride or walk away. It is the equivalent of saying 'Take Care!' or 'All The Best' but more compact and usually yelled.  

Saying Reference:

Custom Features: 

  1. Hand Drawn Artwork. Our artist draws all of our artwork with a pen and paper that is later scanned and screen printed on our clothing.
  2. Screen Printed NLCC Logo. This replaces a traditional neck tag to avoid any irritation. 
  3. NLCC Arm Logo. This serves as a friendly reminder of where the shirt came from. 
  4. Embroidered Newfoundland Flag. This feature quickly informs any observers that the saying has some Newfoundland heritage and that wearer likely has some association or love of our beautiful island. 
  5. Limited Edition Production Run Number. This number rests just above the flag in small print. 
  6. Saying Definition. Sometimes it can be hard to describe to someone not from Newfoundland what these sayings actually translate into in more common language. This feature provides a quick way to catch people up on there usage and when they are appropriate. 

Material: It is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, which will not shrink if you wash and dry it correctly, otherwise on regular settings you will experience a 10-15% shrinkage, in which case order one size larger and you should have a shirt that will bring you great joy for years to come. 

Sizes: A few things to consider on choosing the best size for you. Sizes can vary even from the approximate measurements found below. When in doubt please select a size larger as you can also shrink these shirts with hot water and a hot air dryer. Please also note that we do not offer all sizes for all shirts, this is due to our limited initial run. As we continue to grow we hope to offer all sizes. If you are willing to wait please contact us directly and we will add you to our waiting list which will be produced once we hit a minimum of 10 orders. 


Slue Female Baseball T Shirt for Gander Newfoundland
Baseball T - Slue - Female Cut
Baseball T - Slue - Female Cut
Baseball T - Slue - Female Cut